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The Less Fortunate Project is designed to work with troubled youth and adult offenders to train them in green construction. The Less Fortunate Project works on donated residential properties that are vacant, abandoned, or dilapidated. These properties and then transformed into safe and affordable dwellings, thus rebuilding neighborhoods and communities. The most satisfying result of this project is to get homeless veterans and displaced families off the streets and give them affordable dwellings they can be proud of. In return, this gives our troubled youth and the homeless back their self-worth, self-dignity and most of all their self-esteem. In essence, the journey of the Less Fortunate Project is one of helping people help themselves to a greater quality of life.

Homes or dwellings are never flipped or sold to individuals under this program -- even if they were donated or purchased by Less Fortunate Project. Less Fortunate Project is committed to assisting individuals and families get off the streets and into a quality style of life. The benefit of the Less Fortunate Project is that we directly improve a homeless person's situation.

We allow each individual or family an opportunity to rent to own their property. We also allow them to build their finances for one (1) year by assisting them with job training and placement. This ensures they meet their financial obligation of being capable of paying their monthly utilities, insurance and property taxes. The Less Fortunate Project will then sign over said dwelling to individuals or families impacted by homelessness.


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